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Join me in my Happiness Workshop where I integrate the science of Positive Psychology with effective Coaching skills to help you discover how you can invite more happiness into your life
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"...only 17% of the population is flourishing. Nearly half are "just okay", not depressed but not thriving"

- The Flourishing Centre

This 9 week online workshop is held in small, personalized groups of 10 individuals.

Each week, we connect by video conference [ via Zoom ] for 60 minutes to discuss the research, tools, coaching techniques and experience the impact it will create in your life.  


Each HAPPINESS theme is defined and research is provided to demonstrate how it impacts your life.


Proven tools are used

to show how you can invite more positive thoughts and emotions into your day-to-day life


Effective techniques are used to evoke awareness on how your thoughts, feelings, and actions affect your life


Experience the impact and the ripple effect of applying and practicing these tools will create in your life.

This HAPPINESS workshop is an journey of self exploration with the goal of learning new tools to take your life "North of Neutral" and to live more in your sweet spot. 

IF Happiness is a choice

BUT you don't have the tools then the choices are tougher to make

Week 1
& Optimism

Hope is the motivation for change and Optimism is a general sense of confidence that leads to positive outcomes into the future. 


Discover how to invite more hope and optimism into your life and learn about how our inner dialogue creates our perception of what is possible. 

Week 2
& Mindset

Attitude is how you decide to show up and Mindset is your belief that determine your behaviours that creates the self-fulfilling prophecies.

Understand how your Attitude and Mindset determines which path you take in everything that you do. 

Week 3
Yellow Water Lily

"Positive Emotions open our minds, broaden and expand our awareness, and facilitate the building and development of knowledge, skills, abilities, and relationships" - Barbara Fredrickson

Learn to attract positive emotions and uncover GEMs​ - Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness tools.

Week 4
Floating Bubble
PURPOSE & Meaning

"Purpose is the active way you uniquely impact the world" - Carin Rocking

Purpose is the overall direction in your life. Meaning is the value you assign to that belief of what is important to you. Find your purpose and meaning and discover what really matters.

Week 5

Intelligence is your capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding. 


IQ measures logical rational thinking with our brain and EQ measures emotional connections with our feeling and heart. Gain insights on how your thoughts create how you feel as we explore both your IQ and EQ.

Week 6

Negative emotions are unpleasant emotions evoke in individuals to express a negative effect towards an event or person" - Pam

Our brains are wired to place greater emphasis on negative thoughts. It takes 7 positive thoughts to offset 1 negative thought.Learn how you can navigate your biases - Worries, Thinking Traps and Fears 

Week 7
Rugby Players

"Engagement is about flow: being one with the music, time stopping and the loss of self consciousness during an absorbing activity, experience 

which contribute to the "engaged life" - Dr Martin Seligman

Explore what Engagement and Flow is and how to "get into the zone" and learn how self-regulation supports it and lack of self-regulation hinders it. 

Week 8
Scaling the Rocks
& Virtues

Character strengths is about identifying your positive attributes with you and enhancing the positive. The VIA Institute has identified 24 character strengths and virtues.

Learn what your core character strengths are, amplify what's positive and reframe the negative to fully embrace what you bring to the world.

Week 9
Painted Heart

"As humans we are wired for connections. Friendship has the highest positive correlation with Happiness" - Friedman & Martin

Realize how important relationships are and that other people matter 

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