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"Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light" - Brene Brown



is a process that heals your wounded heart 
by unlocking your trapped emotions and
releasing your hidden traumas
keep you stuck leaving you feeling emotionally and physically drained
Do you ever feel like you are in an emotional loop - constantly spinning and spinning?
Do you get so overwhelmed that you feel helpless and you can't do anything?
Do you shut down, ignore and push you feelings deeper and deeper down?
Do you avoid, distract and buffer yourself with food, alcohol or with social media?
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EMOTION is the latin word "emotere" which means energy in motion
  • Emotion is energy and when you ignore, block or push down your emotions, these sensations build up over time and becomes trapped.
  • These trapped emotions are lodged in your body (eg. fear is stored in your kidneys, anger accumulates in your liver, and grief gathers in your lungs) and can create "dis-ease"
trapped emotions
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"The attempt to escape from pain is what creates more pain"
- Dr Gabor Mate​
steal your power leaving you feeling helpless
Do you ever feel out of control - angry, frustrated or annoyed but you're not sure why?
Are your stress levels so intense that you feel powerless and exhausted?
Are you struggling with constant anxiety or with memories that are haunting you?
Do you sabotage your relationships, your work, your health or your life in general?
TRAUMA is the greek word for wound

Traumas can be any event - small or big that is an emotionally, physical or mentally charged experienced that is stored somatically in your body. 

"Traumas is really more about our reaction than about the causal event. The reaction is our sense of NOT being in control, feeling helpless and powerless" - David Richo

hiden traumas

Are you ready to LET GO of the MASK you wear

and take off the heavy ARMOUR that protects your wounded heart?

learn more on creating a pathway to a


where you will evolve from a FEAR based to a LOVE based way of being
Heart Confetti
HEART pathway

 Are you ready to heal your wounded heart?

HEART program
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