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Mind  Model


Explore how your Conscious and Subconscious Minds work and discover why you create the results you want (or don't want)

What you think and believe is how you choose to live your LIFE


Conscious vs Subconscious Minds

Consciousness, at its simplicity, is an awareness of our internal and external existence 

Your Conscious Mind is your "THINKING" Mind

  • it uses logical thinking to analyze, reason and form judgements

  • it uses willpower to control your thoughts, feeling and actions

  • it can set goals, plan and organize 

Your Subconscious Mind 

is your "HABIT" mind ​

  • it is not capable of reasoning or judging

  • it is the hard drive of your brain and stores your programs, perceptions and memories 

  • it is creative, imaginative and intuitive

Neuro Science indicates that you only use 5% of your Conscious Mind and 95% of you Subconscious Mind. Essentially you are living your life on auto pilot based on your old beliefs and programs



Everyday, our minds are filled with thousands of thoughts. The thoughts that hold ... 

A THOUGHT is a conscious suggestion​. It does not create your circumstance

Limiting thoughts and beliefs will keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving what you truly want. 


... the most power over you are the ones that you BELIEVE to be true. 

A BELIEF is a thought ​you consider to be true. It is your compass on how you view and navigate the world

Empowering thoughts and beliefs energize you to create the impossible. 

Feelings vs Emotions

FEELINGS are the integration and intensity of mixed EMOTIONS

FEELINGS ​are generated from our mind and heart and are experienced through our senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste

EMOTIONS are physical responses to a trigger or an event. Evolutionary emotions are biologically hardwired to keep us safe (fight, flight, freeze)

All feelings and emotions are important and is part of your human experience

Actions vs Behaviours

AN ACTION is a single instance of doing something to accomplish a goal. An action is a conscious decision. You choose to do something or choose not to do it

An effective way to change your ACTIONS is to change your THOUGHTS

BEHAVIOURS are patterns or sequences of actions. Survival behaviours are triggered by fight, flight or freeze responses

An effective way to change your behaviours is to change your Subconscious beliefs.

OUTCOMES are consequences from the choices and decisions you make or avoid​. the way you think, feel and act will create the results​ in your life

Outcomes vs Habits

Outcomes are your Conscious Mind making choices

Habits are your Subconscious Mind running your programs and patterns

HABITS are repeated behaviours that involuntary require little or no thought​. habits are learned and not innate and can be developed and changed through repetition

Habits are driven by your Subconscious Mind and when you are living on autopilot

With your Conscious Mind, you can choose to create different outcomes - through repetition and practice, your new results will become your new habits 

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