10 Week Program combines

Conscious Cognitive Coaching and

Subconscious Psych-K Sessions 



how your Conscious and Subconscious Minds work

by learning the

Mind  Model



internal clarity on what you want your life to become

by focusing on your

LIFE perspectives



new neuro pathways to build an empowering mindset

by applying the

A5 Journey

by rewiring your Conscious Mind and Subconscious Minds

you can change the TRAJECTORY of your LIFE

Mind  Model


You will learn about how your Conscious and Subconscious Minds work

Conscious Cognitive Coaching

you'll gain knowledge on how your thoughts create your feelings which causes you to act (or not act) to get the outcomes you want (or don't want)


Subconscious Psych-K Energy

you'll understand how your beliefs (limiting or empowering) trigger your 
emotions and affect your
behaviours which becomes 
your subconscious habits.

... the more you understand how YOUR minds work, the more aware and present you become.

you will have the insights on how to choose your thoughts and transform limiting beliefs 


Zeniful's LIFE Perspective

You will look at your WHOLE LIFE through the lens of Love, Identify, Freedom and Energy



  • discover what is important to you now by defining what each of your LIFE perspectives means to you

  • create your COMPASS (vision) for who you will become by acknowledging what truly matters to you

  • focus on finding clarity on what you want by setting your INTENTIONS and being mindful of the choices that you make or avoid making as you move through your life

  • gain INSIGHTS on how you treat yourself, your love ones and the impact you have on the world

... the more you question your thoughts and beliefs (be curious and not judge) the more empowered you will be in choosing what you what your LIFE to be

A5 Journey

You will understand how to manage your "Thinking" and "Habit" Minds

AND create new neuro pathways to transform your limiting mindset to build an empowering mindset 




ASPIRE - to become the Master of your LIFE 

Find the courage to discover what's truly important to you.

AWARE - be the Observer to your MIND

Be open and curious about your thoughts and beliefs

ACCEPT - learn to accept what is. what we resist persists

Invite, experience and process ALL your feelings & emotions   

ADAPT - mindset model that inspires new actions & behaviours

declutter old thoughts and beliefs patterns that no longer serve you

ACHIEVE - celebrate YOU and your new outcomes and habits

Connect and honour what has awakened within you

... the more you practice, you'll notice how your Conscious and Subconscious Minds work 

 and you will be to reprogram your OLD limiting mindset and create NEW empowering mindset  


Are you READY to find internal clarity, meaning and fulfilment?

ZENIFUL LIFE Coaching Program

what you think and believe is how you choose to live your life