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"We cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking that we used when we

created them"

- Albert Einstein




... is a process to free your mind
by learning how your Conscious and
Subconscious Minds work together.
Neuro-Science indicates that you use 5% of your Conscious Mind and 95% of your Subconscious Mind

It is not surprising to understand how hard it is to break free from old habits and create new patterns when you are living each day on auto-pilot.

Are you doing the same things yet secretly hoping for a different result? 

Conscious Mind vs SubConscious Mind
mind trees.jpg
Consciousness, at its simplicity is an awareness of our internal and external existence
Your Conscious "Thinking" MIND
  • uses critical and logical thinking to analyze, reason and form judgements
  • can set goals, plan and organize 
  • uses willpower to control your thoughts, feelings and actions
Your Subconscious "Habit" Mind
  • is creative, imaginative and intuitive and is not capable of reality or judging 
  • is the hard drive of your brain and stores your programs, perceptions and memories
  • it operates on auto-pilot running our beliefs, emotions and behaviour patterns

Are you ready to break free from your old patterns and programs that keep you stuck?

" Neurons that fire together, wire together. New pathways in the brain can be formed and reinforced through repetition"
- Donald Hebb, Neuropsychologist 
MIND model





"Thinking Mind"
"Habit Mind"
create your
cause you to ACT
the way you do
triggers your
cause you to BEHAVE
the way you do
The more you understand how your minds work, the more aware and present you become.  You will gain insights and learn how to choose your thoughts and rewire your beliefs. 
Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
Are you ready  to learn how your thoughts create your reality? 
MIND pathway
Pathway to creating a



discover peace, presence and power with your way of thinking  
peace of mind.jpg
your noise
your drama
your truth
Noise is the negative self-talk, doubts and sabotaging thoughts that you think about yourself and others. These thoughts are based on your judgements and perceptions of a situation or experience. 
Become aware how these thoughts are causing you stress - how your negative thoughts deplete your energy while positive thoughts empower you to believe that anything is possible
Drama are the stories - real or imagined) that you create in your mind and in your life . When you repeat, replay and relive your stories over and over again you re-enforce and strengthen your beliefs and old patterns. 
Notice when you choose to STOP believing your thoughts and arguing with reality, you start to learn to accept - what is. From this place you will be more open and able to  invite a different perspective that will give you more peace and less drama.
Your reaction or over-reaction is 100% your responsibility. Every trigger response is an opportunity for you to heal your own mind and not to control someone's else behaviour.
Be willing to adapt, be curious and discover your truth. Examine what is underneath the triggers so you can truly understand why you react the way you do.
Pathway to creating P.E.A.C.E of mind

you will learn to become more ... 

  • Present - stop re-living your stories from your past to focus on the now

  • Expressive - be honest with yourself about your thoughts, feelings and reactions

  • Aware - become fully aware of your how thoughts create your reality   

  • Conscious  - create neutral space in your mind to choose again

  • Empower - re-wire and create new neuropathways with empowering beliefs

Program Details

This program consists of 5 - ONE Hour weekly or bi-weekly sessions that is design to help ​you to learn, apply and practice the ZENIFUL MIND MODEL to discover peace, presence and power with your way of thinking

  • Session 1 - ASPIRE to understand your mind by learning how your Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind work together  

  • Session 2 - AWARE of your old programs and patterns that are running in your Subconscious mind and in your life

  • Session 3 - ACCEPT what is and discover how to remove the mental barriers that keep you stuck

  • Session 4 - ADAPT new perspectives and the power of choosing differently and managing your mind practicing 

  • Session 5 - ACKNOWLEDGE and be conscious in creating neutral space between stimulus and reaction 

MIND program
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