Where is your life

taking YOU?

ARE you Indulging in confusion?

Do have a hard time letting go of your past experiences?


aRE YOU FEELING Unsatisfied with some of the decisions you have made or not made?

Are you struggling to make sense of your choices in your present moment? 


DO you Lack Clarity, focus and Direction

Are you anxious about your future and that your life is passing by?

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Welcome to ZENiFUL Coaching

where you will discover your own unique path towards creating a life that is authentic to you
Hello, I'm Mary and I'll be your guide.
I'll coach, cheer and champion you using ZENIFUL's processes and tools to help you navigate the challenges and celebrate the gifts you discover along the way.

Are you ready

to see your world 

 through a new lens of possibilities?

Wandering Traveler

Pathways to your 



discover peace of mind,

tap into your inner wisdom and

create your path towards fulfillment

These programs are designed to heal, teach and inspire you to make sense of your life choices and to help you understand why you behave the way you do and know that you have the power to choose differently. 
free your mind
Are your thoughts causing you stress and anxiety? Do you want to break free from your old thought patterns and behaviours?
connect to your heart
Are you easily triggered and over-reacting to situations or are you emotionally blocked and shielding yourself from feeling?
create the life you desire
Are you struggling to make sense of your life choices? Do you want to find internal clarity on who you want to become?
If your thoughts create your reality, what are you thinking now?
... not quite sure which program may work best for you? 
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