Hello, I'm Mary and I'm a MINDSET Coach

I help you re-wire the way you think, feel and behave to get the results you want ... and to change the trajectory of your life.

Do you ever feel like you are sleep walking through life?  Are you in a daze, thinking the same thoughts, reacting the same way, doing the same things ... yet yearning for something more but you are not sure what it is or where to even begin?

I am a Certified Co-Active Coach, an advocate of Positive Psychology and PSYCH K® Facilitator. 

I help you become aware of how your THOUGHTS create your feelings; understand

how your FEELINGS are based on your beliefs and that your BELIEFS affect your BEHAVIOUR which determines the RESULTS you create (or don't create).

Are you ready to wake up and take action to what your life could be?

Learn how your thought patterns affect the choices you make

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You have the power to create and control your own destiny - 

connect at a deeper level,  improve your relationships,

increase your self confidence, invite prosperity and ignite vitality

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