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MY WAKE UP CALL started a decade ago but I just ignored them. I would make excuses and explain them away. Eventually I did notice that the messages were getting louder and louder. Early in 2014, I woke up one day and I looked in the mirror and I didn't recognize who I was anymore. Worse, I didn't like what I saw.

ON THE OUTSIDE I had a good family and good circle of close friends. I had a good job working for a national charity which I thought gave me purpose as I was able to contribute to this worthy cause which affected me personally as my Dad had passed away from a heart attack and my husband had heart surgery. I was healthy with no major illness. I only had lower back pains, headaches and migraines on a regular basis. I would tell myself that it was just stress and I'm lucky that its not worse.... I "should" be happier. Yet I felt empty. depleted. void.

ON THE INSIDE ... I had completely lost sight of who I was. I was desperately co-depending for fear of not being loved or accepted. I was trapped in a pattern of working too hard - at work and at home. Taking on too much responsibility, being too serious. I was constantly stressed and always tired. Sadly, I had also forgotten how to laugh again. I was buried in physical and emotional pain. I was torn with feeling frustrated, resentful and angry with how unfair my life was and then struggling to be grateful for what I did have in my life. I realized that I was becoming a full-time victim/martyr. I was in a dark spin cycle and I didn't know how to let it go... until one day, I ended up at the emergency room with stroke-like symptoms. Instinctively, I knew, I could no longer ignore these wake up calls. 

HONEST CHANGE ... I could no longer live my LIFE that way. I was a walking zombie going through the motions of my life and getting more depressed. I was deeply unfulfilled and sad that I couldn't enjoy or appreciate what I did have. I was yearning for more but I didn't even know what I wanted or how to begin unraveling the pieces. I just knew that I needed to STOP. Take notice of ME and un-peel the layers of who I became to rediscover who I actually want to be. To choose what I really wanted in my life and to change the lens on how I see, feel, say, act and show up. 

NEW BEGINNINGS ...  I quit my job to focus on healing myself, my family and my life. I embarked on my journey towards Conscious and Subconscious awareness to understand how my mind and body were connected.  I began to learn to notice my thoughts and feelings and examine my beliefs and emotions. I gave myself full permission to be open and curious. I committed to investing in myself and I became a Certified Co-Active Coach, a Preferred Psych-K Facilitator and I also received my Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. With all this new knowledge and my our personal experience, I created the ZENIFUL Mindset Model, Coaching Approach and LIFE perspectives. I coached myself through this program and prove to myself that it works. I wanted to be my example of how I can change the trajectory of my own life. 

I AM NOW shining from the inside out. I no longer struggle with how I feel on the inside with how I show up on the outside. My LIFE perspective is my compass and it guides me to what's truly important to me in my life. 

LOVE - I feel deeply connected, loving and present with everyone in my life. My heart is filled with immense joy.

IDENTITY - I have clarity, inner peace and self acceptance of who I am and who I am becoming

FREEDOM - I live from a place of abundance and I give myself permission to have fun, laugh, be silly and play again

ENERGY - I have mental and emotional space that invites energy to flow freely. I no longer have excruciating body pains. 

This is my story - I'd love to hear about what you want to create in your life.  Are you ready to ...


Wynton Wheeler

"Mary empowered me to truly believe in myself and she inspired me to want to be the best that I can be. Her ability to listen and offer new perspectives is thought provoking, making her unique and invaluable as a coach. Her coaching style is sincere, warm and authentic. She enabled me to see the big picture and helped me set a vision and together, we chartered a path to get there. Thank you Mary, I am happier being able to see more clearly on how I am choosing to live my life"

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Tahnee Pereira

Business Owner

"Mary's friendly, positive and upbeat demeanour makes it so easy to open up to her and really reveal yourself - your aspirations, your fears, thoughts that you didn't even realize were affecting you! Mary challenges you to get to know yourself better, to accept and appreciate the unique, and worthy individual within.  Mary, you are an incredibly effective coach, thank you so much for your insight, and the confidence and peace of mind that I am finding through our sessions."

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"I came to Mary because I felt stuck and overwhelmed. Mary is an incredible talented coach - caring, insightful and inspirational. She helped me to identify my personal inner critics to reveal my true self. With her help, I am moving forward with renewed confidence to reinvent aspects of myself and I'm happier for it" Thanks Mary, I am so grateful"

Dana Sze


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Susan Kim


"Entering into life coaching with Mary is an opportunity I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to make a positive change in how they view themselves, and how they manage and enjoy their life. Mary has guided me through exploring my "layers" and recognizing my goodness. She has an amazing ability to use intelligent questions and patient listening to point out my strengths where I saw them as weaknesses and inabilities. Within just a short time, Mary has guided me through removing blocks and barriers and allowed me to see positive possibilities. Mary is an extraordinary life coach and I couldn't be more grateful for the lessons I have learned through her example and guidance. She is intelligent, respectful and caring. Thank you Mary for coming into my life! 

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Janet Whalen, Business Coach/Consultant 

"If you are struggling to find your inner spark again, or figure out how to feel happier in your life, Mary Ealden is your coach! Mary is incredibly intuitive. She offered me insights and tools that helped me connect with the reasons why I was "hiding" in my life and not putting myself out there for my family and even my customers. She is incredibly kind and supportive - all while not letting me hide behind my excuses. She offered me a safe space to be vulnerable and then led me to a new path where I could start being brave and fully myself. Please don't wait if you're facing a challenge in your life and need some help getting past your own hurdles - contact Mary today!"

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"Mary is a whole hearted coach who is persistent in her desire to help her clients. She enables you to understand your situation and feeling to help you develop a fresh perspective to a desired outcome. She will help you dream and take concrete steps to achieve those dreams"

Judith Martin-Trudeau


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Sue Mason


"Mary and I worked together on our coaching certification, and in that time I got to see how her positivity, compassion, and keen sense for growth guide her coaching style. Mary takes great interest in her clients and becomes actively engaged in their wellbeing and growth. I know that anyone she coaches will come away feeling enriched and supported in their lives. As my coach, I find Mary to be fun, authentic and sweet. She challenges me to be a stronger version of myself. She recognizes the version of me that I want to become and helps me achieve that growth. Mary helped me recognize my own ability to achieve whatever I desire. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone who wants change in their life and a coach in their corner supporting you on your journey to greatness."

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Frederique Bogris

"There's something about Mary. I was a little distracted, a bit discouraged and highly frustrated and then I met Mary. She is intuitive, supportive and easy to talk to. Mary surpassed all my expectations. Sharing practical ideas, providing straightforward strategies and an insightful perspective, she helped me gain the confidence I had lost and eliminate the negative self-talk that was hindering my personal and professional growth. Thanks to my time with Mary, I am finally able to move forward with renewed strength and greater clarity. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services" 

Client Testimonials

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