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Zeniful's Life Perspectives

is about looking at your whole life. 

You become self-aware of how you are showing up in your LIFE, 

how you are treating yourself, your loved ones and everyone else 


is connecting

with people


is finding



is permission

to play


is aligning your mind and body

What kind of loving relationships are you creating?



Love is something you nurture and grow. It is the connection

you cultivate within yourself and with the people in your life

Do you feel stuck in a groove like a broken record - skipping, spinning and repeating old patterns? Do you sometimes feel frustrated, a little angry for not being understood, seen or heard

Imagine ... 

  • being more joyful in your relationships with your partner,  family and friends

  • creating memories, laughing more and having fun

  • cherishing and feeling grateful for what you do have

Transform your relationships

Are you ready

 to create engaging connections with the people in your life?

What fulfils you and creates meaning in your life?




IDENTITY is about discovering who you are and what really matters

to you. Its about growing into the person you want to be 

Do you feel a little lost, unsure of the direction of where you are heading? Do you feel a little stuck, wishing there was more but don't know where to start?

Imagine ... 

  • going on a journey and exploring what makes you feel fully alive 

  • being curious and open about how you want to be show up in your life

  • doing what ignites joy and excitement

Discover what matters

Are you ready

 for inspiration, clarity on the

life you want to live?

What does financial freedom mean to you?





FREEDOM is about taking control over your career and finances and giving yourself permission to play, have fun and enjoy your life on your terms

Do you feel stressed, anxious  or unsatisfied with where you are in your career? Do you worry about how much money is enough or simply dread thinking about your financial future or retirement?

Imagine ... 

  • starting each day going into work feeling energize and knowing that you add value

  • feeling the power of choice and attracting abundance and security

  • give yourself permission to fully enjoy making, saving and spending money

Take control and have fun

Are you ready?

 to identify how your unconscious bias is holding you back 

What do you do to recharge your mind and body?







ENERGY is about noticing the relationship between your mind and your body.

How your thoughts create emotions and how your emotions energizes or deletes you

Do you feel tried and depleted all the time? Is your mind overactive spiralling out of control creating a sense of overwhelm? Do you crave more energy, more balance and more "me" time to refuel and recharge your body and mind. 

Imagine ... 

  • taming your over active mind and freeing your from distractions

  • waking up day energized and focused

  • finding energy, inner peace and self-acceptance 

Spark renewed


Are you ready

 to start each day energized and focused?

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