"Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light" - Brene Brown




is a process that heals your wounded heart 
by unlocking your trapped emotions and
releasing your hidden traumas
keep you stuck leaving you feeling emotionally and physically drained
Do you ever feel like you are in an emotional loop - constantly spinning and spinning?
Do you get so overwhelmed that you feel helpless and you can't do anything?
Do you shut down, ignore and push you feelings deeper and deeper down?
Do you avoid, distract and buffer yourself with food, alcohol or with social media?
EMOTION is the latin word "emotere" which means energy in motion
What you don't express, you depress
Emotion is energy and when you ignore, block or push down your emotions, these sensations build up over time and becomes trapped. These trapped emotions are lodged in your body (eg. fear is stored in your kidneys, anger accumulates in your liver, and grief gathers in your lungs
Imagine your body fills up with more and more of these trapped emotions
  • causing you stress and creating dis-ease and illness

  • depleting your energy levels as making you to feel tired or exhausted

  • creating emotional pressure and desperately seeking relief of sadness, grief and tears

  • being easily triggered and ready to explode with anger, frustration and irritation 

NOW IMAGINE your body releasing all the pent up, tangled, caged emotions
  • creating inner calm and being at-ease and inviting wellness

  • increasing your energy levels as your body is no longer burning resources

  • freeing up emotional space to encourage new joyful energy

  • become less triggered and break free from the patterns that is keeping you feeling stuck 

Pink Smoke
"The attempt to escape from pain is what creates more pain"
- Dr Gabor Mate​
steal your power leaving you feeling helpless
Do you ever feel out of control - angry, frustrated or annoyed but you're not sure why?
Are your stress levels so intense that you feel powerless and exhausted?
Are you struggling with constant anxiety or with memories that are haunting you?
Do you sabotage your relationships, your work, your health or your life in general?
TRAUMA is the greek word for wound

Traumas can be any event - small or big that is an emotionally, physical or mentally charged experienced that is stored somatically in your body. When your original trauma experience is too painful to bear

  • Your memory may be blocked making it difficult to retrieve or recall any details of your injuring event

  • Your feelings are may be deeply repressed and its difficult to access your emotions and

  • Your ability to resolve the experience becomes a process of releasing the emotional charge little by little until you awaken your inner resources and evolve beyond the pain 

"Trauma is really more about our reaction than about the causal event. The reaction is our sense of NOT being in control, feeling helpless and powerless" - David Richo 
Are you ready to LET GO of the MASK you wear
and take off the heavy ARMOUR that protects your wounded heart?
Pathway to creating a



evolve from a FEAR based to a LOVE based way of being
your trapped emotions
your hidden traumas
your old perceptions
Be aware that your body is sending you messages and learn to name your emotions.

The sensations you feel or ignore are signals to help you understand what is really going on inside of you
e.g. your lower back represents financial worry and that you may feel unsupported
Accept and embrace ALL your emotions as part of your human experience Go deeper to release your hidden traumas and take your power back.
Free yourself from the emotional charge that is holding you hostage. Stop re-living in the past and start living in the present
e.g. a past experience of being overwhelmed by life can trigger your sense of flight (avoid), freeze (shut down), fight (set up barriers)
Adapt and create new neural pathways and invite new empowering energy by changing the lens on how you see and feel about your world.
Emotions are neutral - what meaning are you giving it?
e.g. tears - are they a sign of weakness or an expression of sadness? 
Pathways to connect to your H.E.A.R.T

you will learn to ... 

  • Hone into the sensations of your body to discover your blocked emotion

  • Explore where the emotion is lodged in your body (e.g. heart, liver, kidneys, etc) 

  • Access and gain insights to when this emotion occurred (e.g.. what age)

  • Release, express and process the stuck energy out of your body 

  • Transform the perception of the trauma or trapped emotion

Program Details

This program consists of 5 - ONE Hour weekly or bi-weekly sessions that is design to evolve from a fear based to a love based way of being by learning to 

  • Session 1 - List your fears and embrace courage and vulnerability to take back your power, one emotion at a time

  • Session 2 - Listen your body's sensations and become aware and understand what is going on inside you 

  • Session 3 - Love yourself unconditionally by accepting all your emotions both the painful and joyful memories 

  • Session 4 - Live fully in the present by adapting, processing and letting go of your past experiences that hold you hostage

  • Session 5 - Learn to rewire and create new neural pathways to change your vibrational field 


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