If happiness is a choice

but you don't have the tools

then the choices are tougher to make

The Path to Happiness

"Having a positive outlook doesn’t mean you never feel negative emotions. 

All emotions—whether positive or negative—are adaptive in the right circumstances.

The key seems to be finding a balance between the two” 


- Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson

What does happiness look like for you?

your career

Are you are looking for more fulfillment at work?

Do you feel stressed and unsatisfied? Are you anxious before going into the office or are you in transition looking for change or something more meaningful but don't know where to begin?

Let's start with

exploring what truly

excites and inspires you.

What is important and brings fulfillment to you?

From there, let's reclaim your dreams and discover who you are becoming.

Start each day

energized and focused.

Feel fully alive, living in

your sweet spot.

You're doing something

meaningful that 

aligns with your values.

I help you ... unlock your full potential


Path to Happiness


Do you want more from your relationships? 

your relationships


Path to happiness


Do you feel frustrated?

Not feeling seen or heard?

Or are you looking for a

new relationship?

Do you feel stuck in a groove like a broken record - skipping, spinning and repeating old patterns?

Let's start with discovering why you feel the way you do and uncover your self-limiting beliefs.

From there, you can create awareness, establish a new perspective and choose how you feel and act.

Invite more energy, appreciation and laughter into your relationships. Create engaging, deep and rich connections with yourself and with others.

I help you ... transform how you see your relationships 

your well-being

Are you just feeling okay but want to feel great?


Path to happiness


Do you feel restless, 

tired and depleted?

Is your mind overactive spiralling out of control?

Do you crave more 

energy, more balance

and more "me" time to refuel and recharge your

body and mind? 

Let's start with being curious about what is truly important to you and how you want to be present in your life. Let's identify why you procrastinate and avoid doing want you truly want to do for yourself.

Find more energy, inner peace and self-acceptance.

Tame your overactive mind and free yourself from distractions. Create space and  clarity to show up in the world fully as yourself.

I help you ... spark renewed vitality into your mind and body  

your money

Do you want more control over your money? 


Path to happiness


Do you lose sleep and worry about how

much money is enough?

Are you an emotional spender and end up with things that don't really matter? ‚ÄčOr do you simply dread thinking about your financial future?

Let's start by 

identifying your

money mindset

and how your

unconscious bias

is holding you back 

from making money, spending money and saving money

Feel the freedom of taking control over your finances.



Create and attract more abundance and security and fully enjoy your life

I help you ...rewire the way you think and feel about money

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