"You know that you are on the right path when you are not betraying yourself"

- Carolyn Myss




is a process that empowers you
to explore your possibilities and
embrace a life that is authentic to you
Are you looking to make sense of the choices you have made or not made in your life?
  • WHETHER you are in a relationship but feel lonely and misunderstood  OR you are alone and hopeful in finding a partner that can understand you
  • WHETHER you have achieved success but feel unsatisfied wishing for something more OR you feel unfulfilled and you have lost sight of who you are
  • WHETHER you have a job but feel unhappy and worried  OR you are looking for job that is meaningful but feel lost in discovering what it could look like
  • WHETHER you are feeling fit and healthy but exhausted all the time OR you are stressed and anxious and can not find peace of mind
Buddha Statue
  What you practice everyday is who you become.
Do you practice blaming, worrying, complaining?  
Do you practice connecting, loving, accepting ?
Who do you want to become? 
... how you choose to spend your day is how you choose to live your LIFE  




is about looking at your WHOLE life through the lens of Love, Identity, Freedom and Energy






is about the connection you cultivate within yourself and with the people in your life. It is something you nurture within yourself as you can only love others as much as you love yourself. 

What kind of loving relationships are you creating? 


is about being aware of the relationship between your mind and body. How your thoughts create your feelings and how your emotions energize or deplete you and cause stress and dis-ease. 

What do you do to re-recharge your mind and revitalize your body ? 


is about rediscovering who you are and what really matters to you. It is about growing into the person you want to be and living a meaningful life that aligns to your values 

What gives you meaning and how do you grow yourself ? 


is about taking control over your finances and giving yourself permission to play, have fun and enjoy your life on your terms. 

What does freedom feel like for you? 

Rock Maze
Are you ready to look inside and create the life you LONG for?
Pathway to creating a



transform your trajectory from a 
LACK based to an ABUNDANCE based way of living
inside yourself
yourself what you didn't get 
yourself up
Become AWARE of your triggers and traits that you have not yet accepted in yourself and do your own inner work.
Be courageous and honest with yourself and acknowledge how you treat yourself, your loved ones and the impact you have on the world.
ACCEPT what you are missing and what you long for.  Fill yourself up. STOP the lack cycle and START inviting abundance into your life. 
Be mindful of the choices that you make and those that you avoid making and understand why.
Take full responsible of your projections and explore your shadow side. ADAPT your way of being and choose authentically.
Discover who you really, what is truly important to you and what you want your life to be
Pathways to living your T.R.U.T.H

using ZENIFUL LIFE model, you will

  • Truth - let go of each layer of your protected armour to discover what is true for you

  • Reality - see with clarity your reality with what gets mirrored back to you 

  • Unconditional - practice curiosity to love unconditional and acceptance

  • Trust  - tap into your intuition and listen to trust yourself

  • Honest  - be honest with yourself by speaking and not co-depending 


Program Details

This program consists of 10 - ONE Hour weekly or bi-weekly sessions designed to transform your trajectory from a LACK based to an ABUNDANCE based way of living

  • Session 1 - Focus on finding clarity on what you want by setting your INTENTIONS

  • Session 2 - Love (connect to self) - what are your SELF-JUDGEMENTS and attitude and how do you show gratitude?

  • Session 3 - Love (connect to others) - discover your PROJECTIONS - who, what, why and how you can grow from them

  • Session 4 - Identify (meaning) - create your COMPASS - a vision for who you will become and what truly matters to you 

  • Session 5 - Identify (growth) - explore your FEARS - what holds you back and what do you need to let go of?

  • Session 6 - Freedom (financial) - understand your MONEY MINDSET and discover what is holding you back

  • Session 7 - Freedom (play) - INDECISION vs CHOICE - being mindful of the choices that you make or avoid and learn why

  • Session 8 - Energy (mind) - TIME and ENERGY  - Plan to manage your mind and organize your time     

  • Session 9 - Energy (body) - STRESS and DIS-EASE -> notice what give you energy and who or what depletes your energy

  • Session 10 - Who are you  Becoming? - Gain INSIGHTS on how you treat yourself, your love ones and the impact you have

 DECIDE what kind of LIFE you really want ... and then SAY NO to everything that isn't that  


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