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Happiness is a feeling of

It is a general sense of enjoyment and enthusiasm for life

pleasure,   contentment,   bliss,      playfulness,  love

sunshine,   jubilance,    glee,   elation, rapture,     peace,   thankfulness,  gratitude,     fun,   delight,  euphoria,   laughter,  joy   


Research has shown that

Happier People

Create more satisfying deeper connections

Have an optimistic outlook and direction 

Are productive and make more money

  Experience less stress and anxiety

Laugh more in 

their relationships

Have more clarity, 

focus and purpose

Feel secure and in control of their finances

Feel more energize and peaceful

read what my clients are saying

people who experience more positive emotions benefit in all aspects of their lives.

If Happiness is a choice...

but you don't have the tools then the choices are tougher to make

"Having a positive outlook doesn't mean you never feel negative emotions. All emotions - whether positive or negative - are adaptive in the right circumstances. The key seems to be finding a balance between the two"

- Dr Barbara Frederickson  

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