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With my LIFE model, I help you transform your relationships, unlock your potential to believe in what's truly possible and spark renewed vitality into your mind and body. 

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Imagine I am your personal trainer for your life. I help you declutter the noise and drama so that you can make room to focus on what's really important to you and take action to achieve your dreams.


I genuinely have your best interest at heart. I will be your champion

 I guide you to see different perspectives with optimism and positivity

I help you find your authentic self and be true to your values

I bring compassion so that you can be kinder and more loving to yourself.

I am honest with you when you most need it and I do this with kindness

Choose from 3 Coaching Packages

 This package is INTENSIVE and available to you if you are ready and committed to achieving your goals and to start living the life you truly want.

With weekly accountability, you discover how your mind creates limiting beliefs which keeps you stuck in your current patterns. 

With weekly check points and accountability, you accelerate your awareness to take action and learn how to create empowering beliefs to move you forward to achieving your goals and dreams. 


Package A

12 x 30 minute

Coaching Sessions

over a 3 month period 

This package is FOCUSED and it is similar to Package A but it's offered at a moderate pace.

This will give you more time to reflect, process and integrate your self-awareness (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours and to take action).

With bi-weekly check points and accountability, I will hold the space for you to explore and discover what is holding you back from living the life you truly want and deserve. 


Package B

6 x 60 minute

Coaching Sessions

over a 3 month period 

This package is only available to Clients who have completed package A or B

Do you have a new goal and want some coaching to help you achieve what you are striving for? 

These 30 minute coaching sessions are perfect! Just book a session whenever you feel like you need additional accountability.


Package C

4 x 30 minute

Coaching Sessions

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