"ICF defines Coaching as partnering with Clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their

personal and professional potential"

- International Coaching Federation (ICF)

What is coaching?

What is a Happiness Coach?

combining the principles of

positive psychology

"going north of neutral" 

and enhancing the positive aspects of your life

with powerful co-active coaching skills

Happiness Coaching

powerful tools to elicit connection, collaboration action and manifestation

empowers you to ignite

vitality, energy and 

evoke transformation 

A Happiness Coach helps you foster positive emotions, create a growth mindset and build resilience by guiding you with the tools, techniques and skills to take your life to the next level

What is the difference between



Focus on the Past

how do we fix what's wrong?

asks why and where from?

problem oriented

trained to work with major mental illness


diagnose & treat

use therapy techniques

solution oriented

trained on evolving and manifesting potential

does not diagnose & treat

use coaching tools

how do we build what's right?

asks what's next? what now?

Focus on the Future

What can I do for you?


I genuinely have your best interest at heart. I will be your champion.

 I will guide you to see different perspectives with optimism and positivity

I help you see your authentic self and be true to your values.

I bring compassion so that you can be kinder and more loving to yourself.

I am honest with you when you most need it and I do this with kindness.

Imagine I am your personal trainer for your life. I help you declutter the noise and drama in your life so you can make room for happiness and focus on what's really important to you.


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