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Hello, I'm Mary ... and this is my story

I had a good family growing up 

  I was working at a good job 

  I was in an okay relationship

  I lived in a nice place

  I was active and healthy 

  I had caring friendships

YET I felt that something was missing - I felt empty, unfulfilled and a little sad that I couldn't enjoy or appreciate what I had. We all know the saying that “life is short and we need to live each moment as if it's our last”. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way, when my Dad suddenly passed away. My world had changed.

I finally decided it was time to invest in myself. I quit my job, ended my relationship and left home. On my path in search of what happiness meant for me, I started to understand how my thoughts and beliefs were holding me captive. Through my journey of self-discovery, I started to create a new perspective on how I viewed my life. I began to reconnect to my values and realized that I had choices. 

I am a Certified Co-Active Coach, an advocate of Positive Psychology and a Psych-K Facilitator. I help you rewire the way you think and feel by fostering positive emotions and creating a growth mindset so that you can invite more happiness into your life. 


Client Testimonials


"Mary empowered me to truly believe in myself and she inspired me to want to be the best that I can be. Her ability to listen and offer new perspectives is thought provoking, making her unique and invaluable as a coach.

Her coaching style is sincere, warm and authentic. She enabled me to see the big picture and helped me set a vision and together, we chartered a path to get there. Thank you Mary, I am happier being able to see more clearly on how I am choosing to live my life"

- W. Wheeler ​



Certified Professional

Co-Active Coach

Certified Applied

Positive Psychology

Psych K Health and

Well being Program

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