I am the compassion firefly

that illuminates the world

with love and happiness

"a firefly lights up from the inside out.

it guides us with a message of creativity and reminds us that our paths are made lighter by the beauty that we allow in our lives"  

- whats-your-sign

my passion is to guide my clients to create more happiness in their lives and to truly experience the beauty of each day. It fills my heart with joy when my clients experience a breakthrough or are transformed in how they and see and live their life. I'm most excited when they show up as they are meant to be. 

my sweet spot is to declutter the "noise" and clear the path to focus on what's really important (and enjoyable) - to feel fully alive and to live my life in alignment to my values and beliefs.

my dream is to empower my clients to "live in their sweet spot" by helping them to shine a light on a situation to see a different perspective and pivot/shift the way they think and feel - To imagine starting each day with more focus, and vitality; to live your life with intention and fulfilment.

@ 2018 zeniful coaching